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5D DIY Diamond Painting Ornament Crystal Drill Dragon Wooden Kit

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Material: Composite board+crystal diamond
Product size: as shown in the picture
WeiGHt: About 90G
Pattern: GH044 Dragon/GH047 Dragon(optional)
Space: Living room/bedroom/classroom

DIY Crystal diamond Ornament Handmade Wooden Point Drilling Ornament Single Sided Drill Cartoon Dragon Home Decoration Kids Gift
1.Family Joy House Decoration Production: Cartoon pattern, vivid and beautiful; It will bring fun to the parent-child decoration, and perfectly decorate your living room or bedroom to match and create different styles. We believe you will like it.
2.Easy to make: This concept is similar to digital painting, also known as 5D diamond art. Open the product kit, arrange the resin diamonds according to the color and arrange all the tools. Each design has a numbered sticky template. Use this tool to lift colored resin gemstones and place them on the corresponding numbered points.
3.Attractive diamonds Painting Arts and Crafts: You can create unique diamonds paintings with your children or family; DIY painting, creativity, painting and resin sequins, the resin sequins are dazzling, unique luster, shining light, and are currently the most popular DIY jewelry.
4.Scope of Application: Our DIY point drilling handicraft ornaments enable you to create beautiful works of art to decorate your house or give as hand gifts. This concept is similar to digital painting, also known as 5D diamonds art. This technology is a relaxing and therapeutic handicraft activity, suitable for adults and children (over 6 years old). The result is an amazing piece of crystal art that you can decorate your home or give as a gift to a loved one
5.Material: This product is a DIY ornament of house type. The support base plate is made of high quality Composite plate. Send greetings and blessings to your family !

DIY diamond Painting production steps:
1. Open the package and check whether the tools for diamond Painting are complete;
2. Select a color on the plate according to the color code of resin diamond. If the same color is pasted at a time, the speed can be improved;
3. Find the corresponding color code on the pendulum, and start pasting until completion;
4. After finishing, in order to make the diamond stable, you can take some books and press them on the drilling part for a while

Precautions for DIY diamond Painting:
1. Refer to the previous operation steps;
2. If you don't know what color to use, please refer to the color chart

1. This is a diy point drill art decoration, which has not been completed. You need to complete it yourself. All products are measured manually, please allow 1 - 2cm deviation
2. Due to different liGHt and screen, the color of the product may be sliGHtly different from the picture. Please understand
3. Cleaning will affect the viscosity of adhesive, please do not wash it with water