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🔥Last Day 49% OFF - Active Enzyme Laundry Stain Remover

🔥Last Day 49% OFF - Active Enzyme Laundry Stain Remover

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✨Clothes decontamination cleaner, professional decontamination formula. Works on white, dark, colored, and all-washable fabrics that can be used on dirty clothes, wine on the sofa, and anywhere else with stains.

Fast stain removal, and laundry stain remover, can solve any stain problem in a short time! Blend and blot dry - get your clothes back the way they were in no time, it's that simple. Moms don't have to worry about dirty laundry anymore

👍Ideal for indoor and outdoor stains, such as those that arise suddenly from cooking, work, parties, camping, etc. The convenient and compact design is easy to carry, freeing you from the embarrassment of dirty laundry.

🥰Widely used, 120ml/4.2fl oz stain remover is suitable for white, dark, colored,  and all washable fabrics, just a few drops can remove old and new protein and mud stains such as coffee, tea, ink, juice, lipstick and foundationand wine Wait for any stains.


Net content: 120ml/4.2fl oz

Raw material: common chemical composition

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