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Chickadee on Dogwood Branch Ring

Chickadee on Dogwood Branch Ring

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The Chickadee on Dogwood Ring is an elegant piece of metal garden art that features a charming chickadee silhouette, including their large round head and tiny little body that many find so endearing. The cutout even adds intricate texture to their feathers! Paired with signature dogwood blooms, it is the perfect picture of springtime beauty! 

The Chickadee on Dogwood Ring is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. This ring can be hung from a tree branch, a shepherd’s hook, or from the rafters of a backyard pergola.


Chickadees are adorable and well-known birds named after their distinct “chick-a-dee” song. 

Although they typically reside among forest trees, you can bring the adorable songbird to your backyard no matter where you live with our charming Chickadee on Dogwood Branch Metal Garden Art! 


This gorgeous piece of metal garden art is so easy to display. It includes a chain so that you can easily hang it wherever you’d like as soon as it arrives! 

Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold out the branches and leaves to awaken their life-like charm!

To preserve the paint and protect your design for years to come, consider seasonally adding a coat of clear Satin Lacquer to your metal garden art. 


SKU# R211
Dimensions: 10.5" diameter


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