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Chickadees & Berries 3D

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Chickadees and Berries 3D Wall Art is a curated piece of metal garden art that features handpainted details, accentuating the colors of the chickadee bird, as well as vibrant red berries that they love to enjoy as a snack. You might even see a real chickadee resting next to this piece of art in your own garden or backyard if you keep an eye out!

All of our metal garden art pieces are made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. Its pop-up accents give this wall art a three-dimensional effect. This lovely metal garden art can easily be displayed in your home or on a wall in your backyard’s patio!

Chickadees are adorable and well-known birds named after their distinct “chick-a-dee” song. Although they typically reside among forest trees, you can bring the adorable songbird to your backyard with our beautiful Chickadees & Berries 3D Wall Art!

Dimensions: 11" tall x 8" wide.