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Dragonfly 9" Ring

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Our Dragonfly Ring features an intricate silhouette of the iconic creature, from its large eyes, narrow double wings with detailed patterns, and long, sectioned body. Bring this summertime creature to your garden year-round with our Dragonfly Ring!

The Dragonfly Ring is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. Display this ring from the rafter of an awning or pergola, from a shepherd’s hook in your garden, or even from a branch on your favorite tree!

Dragonflies are unique creatures that are flying around all spring and summer long on every continent on Earth except Antarctica! These little flying insects are surprisingly powerful, with the ability to migrate across seas. They’re also quick and agile, with the ability to move and fly in any direction, and change directions on a dime. There’s much to appreciate about these friendly flying creatures!

Dimensions: 9" diameter.