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Hand Painted Goldfinch on Cone Flower Stake

Hand Painted Goldfinch on Cone Flower Stake

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Our Goldfinch on Cone Flower Stake is a beautiful display of a realistic springtime scene! The intricate metal silhouette paired with colorful details hand-painted by our artists shows a vibrant yellow finch perched on a beautifully blossomed pink cone flower. The precise details even highlight beautiful shading on the petals, seeds, and stem of the flower, so this carefully curated piece of artwork truly shines in the sunlight! 

The Goldfinch on Cone Flower Stake is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and vintage look. It would be the perfect bright and airy accent for a 

beautiful flower garden! 


Our Goldfinch on Cone Flower design reflects the vibrant appearance of these birds during the springtime, when males develop a bright yellow color on their bodies. Coneflowers are an excellent source of food for goldfinches, and are characterized by their vibrant petals and cone-shaped center. 


Our metal garden art stakes insert easily into soft ground. Be mindful of rocks and roots that may catch the metal stake, and adjust the depth as needed. This design is also available in a tabbed design that allows you to attach to any wooden surface with just a few screws. 

To preserve the paint and protect your design for years to come, consider seasonally adding a coat of clear Satin Lacquer to your metal garden art. 


SKU# S922P

Dimensions: 18.5" long (including stake) x 7.7"


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