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🔥Last Day 49% OFF-Princess Mirror

🔥Last Day 49% OFF-Princess Mirror

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Sometimes you can't always be organised and that means putting your make up on in the car park because you are running late!  Are you sick of your makeup looking a mess all over your face from doing your make up in the car? 

Over one in 10 Australians (12 per cent) are late to work by an average of 32 minutes. Stop being late for work and get your makeup done on the go. 

With both cool and warm lighting and a rechargeable USB battery, simply secure the mirror to your car visor with the velcro strips and using the touch sensor buttons brighten up your life, or morning.

Our Princess Mirror has solved all your problems.   It is so easy to use all you need to do is secure the mirror to your car sun visor and then you can use the button to brighten up your face.  Doing your makeup on the run has just become easier.   

✔️  BRIGHT AND SOFT - Easy to apply makeup perfectly as the light is bright and soft

✔️ TOUCH SCREEN DESIGN -   Touch screen design to turn on and off

✔️  ADJUSTABLE STRAPS -    Lightweight 

✔️  SMART GLASS-    Scratch-resistant glass 

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