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Rare Purple Green Rose- Seeds

Rare Purple Green Rose- Seeds

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Colour: Purple / Green White
Plants per m²: 5
Flowering period: repeat blooming
Natural height: 50 cm
Natural width: 40 cm
Diameter: 4 cm - 5 cm
Plant: erect, upright
Resistance to diseases: excellent

Patio rose with compact growth habit (patio rose) with double, rounded flowers in rich clusters and high resistance to diseases. 

Step 1. Planting
Pouring nutrient soil into the container, sowing seeds, and seting enough space between seeds
Step 2. Covering
Spreading thin nutrient soil on seeds, pressing lightly
Step 3. Watering
Spraying about 20 times, fully absorbing moisture
Step 4. Aeration
Placing in bright airy place, proper humidity will increse seed germination rate well
Step 5. Sunlight
Placing seedling in the sun about 2 hours everyday, proper temperature 18-28°C
Step 6. Perfect Planting
No pains, no gains.

They will not grow during the Winter time but they do come bloom when it's warm again.

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