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Yellow Warbler

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Our Yellow Warbler is a small and dainty piece of metal garden art to add to your home or outdoor space! The impressive detail outlines the bird’s feathers along its edges, and the silhouette displays a small warbler perched on a branch and peering behind itself. 

The Yellow Warbler is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. The charming rusty bird would be an adorable accent among a collection of rusty birds. It would be adorable perched on a railing beneath a bird feeder, or even attached to any ledge in your home. 


The Yellow Warbler is a beautiful songbird, with stunning color and evenly-proportioned head and body. This bird, which is found across North America, can be found foraging through shrubs and small trees, hopping from branch to branch in search of food. Our silhouette displays the bird peering over its shoulder as if it’s looking for its next snack! When it comes to nature-inspired decor, it’s all in the details. 


Our metal garden art is easy to mount with a 90° angled tab and pre-drilled screw holes added to each piece. Mount your product to a window, tree branch, pergola, fence, trellis, garden gate, or an old log in the backyard. The possibilities are endless! Many of our designs are also available in a stake version that can easily be inserted into soft ground. 

Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold the wing out to awaken its life-like charm!



Dimensions: approximately 4" tall x 3.5" wide
SKU# B705



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